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What is Dueling Pianos?

Dueling Pianos is a live music concept that features two pianos and at least two piano players facing each other. The all-request show encourages every person in every crowd to have a great time. Whether its a corporate event, wedding, or any array of private parties, a premier quality dueling piano show is sure to be a musical experience you’ll never forget!

About Dueling Pianos

Dueling Piano bars sprouted up across the country in the late 1990s, fueled by founders of the concept at Pat OBriens in New Orleans and Dallas Alleys Alleycats. From the lineage of original dueling piano players came several generations of piano entertainers that would yield successful performing careers at dueling piano bars like Howl at the Moon, Rum Runners, Jellyrolls, Crocodile Rocks, Sing Sing, The Shout! House, The Piano Bar at Harrahs Las Vegas, and The Bar at Times Square in New York New York Las Vegas.

“Dueling pianos” as an entertainment concept at these venues comprises a dose of comedy with music. Because of the concept’s focus on audience engagement and interaction, the dueling piano musical repertoire generally consists of up-tempo pop and classic rock music that is easy to “sing along with.”

Though every dueling piano show has no set list and is considered an “all-request” show, the majority of songs performed in any given show conform to the “100 most requested dueling piano songs.” At some dueling piano bars that feature a 4-man rotation over 6 hours, it is not uncommon to hear several of the top 10 requested songs multiple times throughout the evening.

Various dueling piano bars feature a staff of up to 5 piano players that rotate not just between two pianos, but also between multiple instruments including bass, drums, guitar, fiddle (violin) and harmonica to create a higher-energy band presentation. Many dueling piano shows still opt for the “traditional” concept of dueling pianos, in which the two piano players take pride in being able to entertain simply with the piano, microphone, and their own entertaining skills.

Dueling Piano Players

While nearly every single dueling piano player has received a request for “Dueling Banjos” (as seen in “Deliverance), the concept of a “duel” is sort of a misnomer, especially considering the evolving concept of the “dueling piano band” as showcased at many Howl at the Moon locations. The best dueling piano players actually work with, not against, each other in everything that they do to entertain the crowd.

The dueling piano industry has become so recognized professionally that several dueling piano players have created a fraternity of sorts, hosting the 2nd annual Piano Bar Convention in New York City, March 2017. Performers as well as potential vendors and business partners are welcome to attend.

Dueling Piano Show Vendors

Fans of dueling pianos soon realized that the concept is not just a great idea for “a night out,” but in fact a perfect substitute for (or addition to) a headlining entertainment act for a slew of different occasions and events. In the infancy of dueling pianos, these consumers would have to rent out an entire piano bar to host a private function. Because of the exorbitant cost to cover the club buyout (in excess of $15,000 in some markets), a handful of dueling piano players created the turnkey traveling dueling piano show operation. Now instead of renting out a dueling piano bar and shifting your event there, you can have the dueling pianos come to you.

In the dueling piano industry, some dueling piano bars are franchises of or run by a large outfit like Howl at the Moon, and others are owned independently. Some of these bars run “to-go” branches of their business while other companies that provide dueling piano shows are solely “roadshow” companies. Generally, larger agencies and clubs will employ green musicians who may or may not blossom into great entertainers, whereas player-run agencies only use veteran talent with large resumes for their traveling shows.


After the 2008 recession, many dueling piano bars closed, resulting in the birth of more dueling piano roadshow companies run by players, creating a myriad of options for dueling piano show consumers all over the country. As in any industry, in dueling pianos, to get the best you must pay for the best. Consumers have a range of “value” options and “price” options across the board.

For most corporate events and weddings, a dueling piano vendor will supply 2 entertainers, 2 pianos (not keyboards), sound (and sometimes lighting), and generally all youll have to leave is space for a stage and an AC outlet or two for power. If its a reputable dueling piano vendor, theyll include lights (it is an afterthought for most musicians normally playing in dark clubs), return your phone call/e-mails promptly, and show up early with the best equipment and talent available. If its a premier dueling piano vendor, your 2 assigned entertainers will be in the top 5% tier of dueling piano players in the world and your guests will rave about them for months and years to come.

Depending on where a dueling piano vendor is based, discounted prices may be available. Generally, it is wise to do business with a vendor in your local market, or one with the highest reviews and closest to your city.

If you are thinking about bringing dueling pianos to your event or facility and havent yet found the right dueling piano vendor for your corporate event or wedding, fill out our contact form and let us help you find the best value for your entertainment.


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