Dueling Pianos Central Florida: 2018 Southeast Egg Industry Conference in Palm Coast

This Wednesday, the Florida Poultry Association hosted the 2018 Southeast Egg Industry Conference at the beautiful Hammock Beach Club in Palm Coast, Florida. Representatives in the industry gathered from all over the southeast to the beautiful resort, celebrating a year in the industry. The conference spanned Tuesday through Thursday, and on Wednesday night featured entertainment … Read more

Dueling Pianos for a Good Cause!

We all want to have fun, right? No second thoughts here. What if your fun could help someone grow like you? Now, it can! Your fundraisers can be fun and contribute to the society you are living in at the same time! A fundraiser needs motivation for the attendees to make donations as large as … Read more

Dueling Pianos at Your Wedding!

If you want to include your guests in your happiness, there is no better way than to arrange a dueling piano event for your wedding. Imagine your friends and family sitting around round tables on your big day. They endured the hour long toast your brother gave and sat quietly through your vows. What everyone … Read more

5 Reasons Your Corporate Event Needs Dueling Pianos

Let’s face the facts. Corporate events are dead boring. Business reviews, quarter-end results and product launches, no matter what the purpose of the event, they always end up giving you the worst time of your life. Why? Because they are professional gatherings and you just can’t have anything of your choice there. But wait….you can! … Read more

Valentine’s Day Dueling Pianos in Orlando!

Ready for something unique and fun to do for Valentine’s Day Date Night? Valentine’s Day Dueling Pianos in Orlando! Amy and Randy Keith are Orlando’s hot young married dueling piano couple, bringing non-stop fun and energy to every show they perform. All the fun continues 7pm TONIGHT (and every Wednesday) at Breezes Restaurant (at Orange Tree Resort in … Read more