Dueling Piano Show for a College Welcome Orientation

Make Your Welcome Orientation Really Welcoming

Every year colleges welcome young and bright students from all over the country. Their orientation is a lifetime memory for them.

What can be better than a live performance to welcome them with to the next four years of their lives! A dueling piano show can be a great way to welcome newcomers to your college.

Let’s have a look at how your welcome orientation can become amazing with a dueling piano show.


  • Make the Students a Part of You


On the very first day that they step on to your campus, you can make these students feel at home.

The interactive performances by the dueling piano performers will encourage the students to participate and really join in the fun. In addition, they will be able to request their favorite songs. It will truly involve them in the orientation. The performers sing along the music they play and allow the audiences to sing along with them as well.

This creates the spirit of inclusion and can be a really good icebreaker for everyone to talk to each other!


  • Let Creativity Reign Free


You can add your own touch of creativity to the dueling piano show by adding cheer leaders, dancing partners and prop performers with them. You can also add speakers to amplify the effect of performance.

Bring in the best artists in the campus to exhibit their work while our performers introduce them to the newcomers and showcase their talent to everyone in attendance. It won’t just be a source of entertainment but it will also show off the abilities of the existing students.


  • Start the Year with a Bang


A dueling piano show makes the orientation an expressive event that can make the journey that’s yet to come quite exciting. The performers can play the role of an emcee and announce faculties of different subjects along with a small description of what the subject holds for their future.

In fact, some of the existing students can even create a live play for introducing the new batch of the students to various departments in the college.   


  • Express What Matters the Most


Some of your senior students can prove their skills with other instruments along with dueling piano performers and add more tunes to the event. Their participation will show the confidence that your college instills in its pupils.

You never know how well your effort can influence someone with goals and aspirations.


  • Give the Students an Unforgettable Orientation


The live performance will make this event the most memorable for everyone in attendance. It will set precedence for years to come so you can exceed your own expectations every year!

Students spend a good 4 years of their adult life in colleges. The beginning of this journey has to be a memorable celebration. Premier Piano Shows can get your year started with a blast! If you have your college campuses in Phoenix, Arizona, contact us and arrange the best welcome orientation for your upcoming batch.


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