Dueling Pianos Phoenix: Make your Holiday Party Plans Early!

It’s almost Labor Day… You know what that means? Time for the Holidays!

dueling pianos arizona Premier Piano Shows
Dueling Pianos Arizona: Premier Piano Shows!

That’s right; it is never too early to begin planning your home or company Holiday Party!

It seems the holiday party season comes earlier every year. It is no longer what follows Thanksgiving. Christmas music is even heard on the radio after Halloween in the 21st century! And there have even been some reports of holiday party paraphernalia creeping up post-Labor Day…

It is no different in the entertainment industry. In fact, holidays are the busiest, most in-demand time of the year. Think of all the different groups getting together — families for Christmas and Chanukah, employees for end-of-year events, and that doesn’t even include New Years’ Eve, often the biggest and most expensive celebration of the year!

Just like with traveling, as demand goes up around the holidays, so it does for entertainment too. And that means prices go up as well.

Save yourself headaches and money — plan ahead. Whether you want to go all out this year with a laser show, magician and casino night for your event, or if you want to try something “different” than the comedian or DJ from years past and hire dueling pianos, NOW is the time to explore your options.

Again keeping in mind the analogy of airline ticket prices, the holidays see increases of 2 to 3-times the normal prices for most entertainment vendors. The two weeks before Christmas are usually the times when everyone and their mother wants to have a holiday party. And then there’s New Years, which falls on a Friday this year. A holiday on a weekend equals BIG cost.

Premier Piano Shows is the entertainment and Dueling Pianos leader in Phoenix and all of Arizona. We have affiliates all across the country that have the resources to make your holiday party a “musical experience you’ll never forget” with Dueling Pianos.

For any event in Arizona, you can beat the holiday party rush and call TODAY for our 20% off special — good now through Labor Day.

And to get the full scope or resources to help you plan your company event or holiday party, join us at the Phoenix Event and Party Planner Expo, this Saturday August 29th!





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