Dueling Pianos Phoenix: BNI Arizona Connectors’ Visit and Song

In BNI Chapters across the world, the first week of October is a momentous occasion: the turn of the guards. As October brings in the new fiscal year for BNI, so also do new leaders take over “support team” roles in every chapter.

BNI Arizona boasts over 50 chapters with average membership of 25 and higher-than-average referral and closed business numbers for any networking group, let alone the large network of BNI.

Last week marked the celebration of leadership and support team roles in the Connectors, a group that meets at Cantina Laredo in Scottsdale at 11:30 every Wednesday morning. The conglomerate of service representatives and business owners are one of the fastest growing groups in the state, with business transactions passed among members in 7 figures annually.

To commemorate the leadership changeover, local dueling piano player and BNI Arizona member Randy Keith was graciously invited to the “kickoff” to salute outgoing leadership with a custom-written “singing telegram” written to the tune/cadence of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” — Keith wrote the song during the group’s :30 second presentation section, a duration of about 25 minutes. Click here or on the picture to listen to the song or read on for just the lyrics. (Note the hyperlinks of members mentioned in the song):

It’s 11:30 on a Wednesday/The Connectors’ crowd storms in

It’s the last day of their fiscal year/and a New leadership team is coming in.

It’s a fine day to visit the Connectors/It’s been too long since I’ve seen some of my friends

Barbara hugs like a bear, like George over there/And they win all the awards by the end!

See I belong to another BNI Chapter/The one that Kristin used to call home

Because of BNI, her business took to the sky/And the entire valley she doesn’t have to roam.

I saw your leaders every month for planning goals/It’s what the directors call “GP.”

We would all have fun but the Connectors were always Number one/Because they practice “More than Me!”

I was always a little jealous of your group/Pushing all your members to the top

They always stay sane as they practice “Giver’s Gain”/And until they win, they never stop.

I’m sure your group will be adding to their tally/When we meet for BNI Awards next month

October 28th I’ll be there and everyone will stare/When Connectors once again wins a bunch!

So I thank you all for welcoming me/Every time I come to your awesome group

This guy from the West secretly knows your group is the best/Because your leaders work so hard for you.

If you’re a visitor today, you’re lucky/This chapter is the best, you should know

Come back and join, and make a few coins/And this strong group will continue to grow.

I’m singing a song for the Connectors/I hope I get the words right

Because this group is great, always first rate/And always makes me feel alright.

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