Tips for Hiring Entertainment for Your Upcoming Event

How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Event? Hiring great entertainment is quite significant in order to make your special event more enjoyable and memorable. However, choosing the right entertainment can easily fluster you since the options are countless. So, the question that arises is how one can choose the best entertainment that not … Read more

Why Does Your Corporate Event Need Dueling Pianos?

We all know how boring a corporate event can get. Whether it is a seminar, conference, product launch, or an appreciation event, the business discussion, debate, and interrogation can make all the attendees totally wearisome. In scenarios like these, good entertainment is all that’s needed and what could be better than dueling pianos? Here we … Read more

Dueling Pianos for a Good Cause!

We all want to have fun, right? No second thoughts here. What if your fun could help someone grow like you? Now, it can! Your fundraisers can be fun and contribute to the society you are living in at the same time! A fundraiser needs motivation for the attendees to make donations as large as … Read more

5 Reasons Your Corporate Event Needs Dueling Pianos

Let’s face the facts. Corporate events are dead boring. Business reviews, quarter-end results and product launches, no matter what the purpose of the event, they always end up giving you the worst time of your life. Why? Because they are professional gatherings and you just can’t have anything of your choice there. But wait….you can! … Read more

Dueling Pianos Florida: Girls’ Week Out!

When was the last time you had a girls’ night out? Not just a night out of drinking, but a night you could say was FUN, drama-free, and that you could REMEMBER!? Oh, sure, add on top of that 6 more days and a cruise ship and you think you’re dreaming, right? Think again! For … Read more

Corporate Event Entertainment

Dueling Pianos is the perfect show for your corporate function. Dueling Pianos brings all sorts of groups together, whether it is a sales team celebration, a holiday party, client appreciation event, or anything in between. Like Dueling Pianos in bars and restaurants, Premier Piano Shows Dueling Pianos Phoenix provides an interactive platform where audience members … Read more