Why Should You Have Dueling Pianos for Your Next Event?

Reasons to Have Dueling Pianos for any Occasion

There are so many kinds of entertainment that people hire to make their events full of fun and enjoyment. One of them is the greatly pleasurable – dueling pianos.

A sensible question that might pop into your minds would be – why should you consider dueling pianos when there are other great forms of entertainment available. Well, read this post to find out some amazing reasons why dueling pianos is the best event entertainment.

  • Surprise Your Guests with a Phenomenal Performance


Everyone expects great music from a DJ or a singer. So, hiring any of them wouldn’t be such a big surprise to your guest.

However, when it comes to dueling pianos, your guests will be mesmerized to listen to not only some amazing music but some other great entertaining acts. Are you wondering what this is? Well, you might not know but many dueling piano performers, besides playing piano, also perform comedic skits, making your event more enjoyable and entertaining.

Thus, dueling pianos as entertainment for your upcoming event will prove to be quite a unique and amazing experience for all your guests.


  • Connects with the Audience and Allows Participation


How many kinds of entertainment have given you the opportunity to fully engage with the performers and let you participate? Well, none comes to our minds except for dueling pianos!

This is basically the best feature of this form of entertainment as it engages well with the audience. More than that, it also fulfills the guests’ requests by playing out their favorite songs on the spot. This way, the event becomes more fun and exciting.

Audience members and all the guests are encouraged to dance and sing along keeping the fun on the dance floor all evening long. This is the kind of entertainment that everyone should have during wedding receptions and cocktail parties to maintain the essence of fun throughout the occasion.


  • Entertaining for All Kinds of Guests


The music of dueling pianos varies to a great extent. Unlike many singers or musical bands, who play a particular kind of music, the performers of dueling pianos can play all sorts of songs that appeal to all kinds of guests.

Because guests can make song requests according to their likes and dislikes during a dueling piano act, the music can change and vary dramatically. From pop country to rock n roll to classics, the performers can play all songs suitable to every age group present at the event.

Though dueling piano acts are mostly fun for those who love dancing and singing, it keeps those entertained as well who prefer to sit and listen from afar. The commentary and the funny exchange of dialogues between the pianists are quite comedic and playful, keeping everyone fully engrossed.

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