The Magic of 3: Not a Hat Trick, but a Sure Win

In the event planning industry, time frames are all a matter of perception. DIY Brides may only need 3 weeks, but some wedding planners might prefer 3 years to prepare for the big day. Earlier is always better.

The end of September will mark less than 3 months until Christmas 2015! This means that company assistants and event planners will start clamoring to put together holiday parties, except for those who planned ahead.

The Magic of 3: Don’t be one of the stragglers that waits until 3 days or even 3 weeks before your event. Plan with 3 months minimum — plenty of time to find the perfect vendors to help out with your holiday event.

This weekend is your chance to check out the perfect flexible option for your company event and/or holiday party: Dueling Pianos Phoenix!

Premier Piano Shows is Arizona’s leading dueling piano entertainment company for corporate events, weddings and VIP Phoenix-area restaurants. Dueling Pianos Phoenix is all over the Southwest, with teams across the Valley of the Sun and the Southwest:

Bring a bunch of friends and colleagues and join one of our teams this weekend… See how Dueling Pianos can transform your holiday party into a “musical experience you’ll never forget!”

dueling pianos arizona Premier Piano Shows
Dueling Pianos Arizona: Premier Piano Shows!




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