How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Event?

Hiring great entertainment is quite significant in order to make your special event more enjoyable and memorable.

Dueling Pianos returns to Downtown Orlando at Ace Cafe!

However, choosing the right entertainment can easily fluster you since the options are countless. So, the question that arises is how one can choose the best entertainment that not only cheers up the guests but also stays in their minds forever?

Well, we have assembled some awesome tips that you can follow in order to hire the best entertainment.


  • Know Your Audience


You hire entertainment to please your guests, right? So, it makes absolute sense why you need to keep them in mind before you decide on a way to entertain them. You need to consider the kind of guests you have invited to your event. If they are children, choose a form of entertainment that amuses them while if your guests mostly include adults then make sure that your entertainment is according to their standards.

If you choose a wrong form of entertainment that doesn’t appeal to your audience, trust us your event wouldn’t be worth attending. Thus, it is important that you know what age group your guests mostly belong to when you are planning ways to entertain your guests.


  • Know the Latest Entertainment Trends


Before you hire any sort of entertainment, it is better to stay updated on the latest entertainment trends. For example, hiring a popular music band to perform at your event is a fun trend that many people consider these days.

Another great form of entertainment is dueling pianos as the wonderful piano acts make for an energetic and lively entertainment. The pianos are played by professionals who sing and simultaneously entertain and humor the audience. This is the kind of entertainment that is quite is ideal for all sorts of events – from corporate events to wedding reception to cocktail parties.


  • Know the Purpose of Your Entertainment


Although the main reason for hiring any form of entertainment is to make the event more fun and lively, there could be other major reasons for hiring entertainment too.

You might not know but entertainment can help you achieve the actual purpose of the event. For instance, if you are organizing a corporate event where you want to promote interaction and participation between the employees, there could honestly be nothing better than dueling pianos.


  • Book Your Entertainment in Advance


Once you have chosen the right entertainment for your event, your next immediate step should be to hire it in due time. Make sure that you hire entertainment weeks before your event is due. This will ensure that you get the performers you want for your event.

Although there are many kinds of entertainment you can choose from, we’ll recommend you to hire Premier dueling Pianos for your next upcoming event whether it is a party, wedding reception, or a corporate event.


Central Florida’s dueling Pianos Leader,

Premier Piano Shows is proud to announce the August schedule for live entertainment!

Aside from providing premier live music entertainment for private parties and weddings, the Premier Dueling Piano company in Orlando services nearly a dozen restauarants with dueling piano entertainment, from Winter Sorings to Oviedo, Cocoa Beach to Melbourne.

Never seen dueling pianos? You’re in for a treat. It’s fun for the whole family — an interactive sing-along, clap-along experience you’ll never forget.

Make sure to mark your calendar to see a dueling piano show near you on the following dates:

8/3 – Harry Buffalo – Downtown Orlando

8/10 – Paddy Cassidy’s Irish Pub – Cocoa Beach

8/18 – Twisted Birch – Rockledge

8/23 – Red Eye Sports Tavern – Winter Springs

8/24 – Jack Straws Club – Palm Bay (East)

8/25 – Copper Chimney Grill – Palm Bay (West)

8/31 – Jake’s Crab Shack – Melbourne Beach

And coming in September, 2 new venues bring in Dueling Pianos:
Every Wednesday – District – Oviedo Mall

September 30 – Matt’s Casbah – Melbourne

Check each invidioual link for location details and reservation information. There is generally no cover, and shows are family-friendly unless noted.

Can’t make it to a dueling piano show in Central Florida near you?

We can come to your party. Just fill out our contact form or call/text 407-476-7780 and we’ll mark your date on our calendar and bring the pianos and fun to you!

We all know how boring a corporate event can get. Whether it is a seminar, conference, product launch, or an appreciation event, the business discussion, debate, and interrogation can make all the attendees totally wearisome.

In scenarios like these, good entertainment is all that’s needed and what could be better than dueling pianos? Here we have assembled some top reasons why dueling pianos are the perfect kind of entertainment for your next corporate event.


  • With dueling pianos at your corporate event, Every Co-Worker Gets the Chance to Relax


Some of the best features about a dueling piano show is that it is entertaining, lively, and give a chance to everyone to interact. The performers make sure that the audience is totally hooked up to their music and is thoroughly enjoying. This helps everyone, especially the rigid employees, to relax and chill for a time being.


  • A Professional and a Sophisticated Form of Entertainment


There are some kinds of entertainment that tend to become very vulgar, ruining the entire event. We all know corporate events are highly sophisticated and the top priority of the event organizer is to always choose entertainment that doesn’t violate the ethical rules.

Our professional performers not only provide the best music and enjoyment, but they do so without breaking any rules of conduct. This way, your corporate event wouldn’t be a cause of embarrassment.


  • No Need for You to Make Announcements


One of the perks of having dueling piano performers is that they can easily take care of announcements at your event too!

Let’s admit it – making announcements can be a hard job. Not everyone is confident enough to stand up and face the audience on stage. It can make anyone feel jittery and nervous. Having dueling piano performers can save you from making announcements yourself, or by any other employee, or hiring an additional person to make special announcements, which can help you save some extra cash.


  • Make Employees Feel a Major Part of the Event


We all know that not all employees get the chance to be the part of the corporate event when it comes to arranging and organizing it. Thus, entertainment, especially dueling piano, can be a great way to make them feel a significant part of the entire event.

Do you know how?

Well, the performers of dueling piano can play the employees’ requests for songs at the moment, encourages audience’s participation, and sing-along. This way, the employees can feel fully involved.

If you are looking for the best performers of dueling piano for your next corporate event, look no further and book Premier Piano Shows today. The talented performers, a young and hot dueling piano couple, will make your corporate event absolutely outstanding!

Your wedding is the most special day of your life and that’s why your first priority is always to make it as happening and enjoyable as possible. One of the great ways to add colors to your wedding day is by choosing good entertainment.

Amy and Randy's Dueling Pianos in Orlando

Amy and Randy: Newlywed Dueling Pianos couple in Orlando, Florida

Although the options are plenty, we will suggest you go for dueling pianos. Do you wonder why? Well, read this post to find it out.


  • Get to Listen to Your Favorite Songs on the Spot


One of the best things about dueling pianos is that, unlike DJs or hired musicians, they needn’t require a list of songs in advance which they would need to play on your wedding day.

This means that the performers are willing to play any song of your choice at the moment. So, whatever you are feeling at the moment, whether happy, romantic, or excited, you can ask the dueling pianos performers to play the song that matches your mood and enjoy!


  • No Need to Make a List of Songs, Beforehand


Since dueling piano performers can play any song right away, you needn’t have to spend hours to prepare a list of songs beforehand.

Wedding preparation is full of hustle and bustle, having you to do innumerable tasks. By hiring dueling piano performers, at least, you would save yourself the trouble of preparing all the songs that need to be played on your wedding day. You, along with your guests, can suggest the songs you want to listen to during the ceremony.


  • Engages with the Guests


Dueling piano performers are energetic and lively. They can interact with the audience in ways which other entertainers surely can’t.

The performers would provide awesome background music and engage with the guests in such a way that all the guests would love to dance on your wedding day. They also know how to create the right mood of the audience so that they feel relaxed while dancing their hearts out. Mark our words – you wouldn’t come across a single guest who’ll be hesitant to bust a groove.


  • Get to Enjoy Some Live Comedy


Many of the dueling piano performers not only provide awesome music but are also known for light-hearted roasts, comedy skits, and knee-slapping banters.

If you want your wedding day to be also a laugh therapy for your guests than dueling piano can be a great option. The performers will provide both kind of entertainments – music and comedy. So, hiring dueling piano as entertainment will prove to be quite a two-in-one kind of a deal for you.

If you are looking for dueling piano performers for your wedding entertainment, you can book Premier Piano Shows. The brilliant performers will surely make your big day absolutely memorable!

As we all know good entertainment is a major part of any special event to ensure that it is full of fun and enjoyment. Without having entertainment, your event can tend to become boring and dull, and who wants that?

Dueling Pianos in Tucson – Only at the Gaslight Music Hall!

If you are looking for a great way to entertain your guests, we’ll suggest you hire Premier Piano Shows at once. Are you wondering why? Well, read this post to find it out!


  • The Young Couple Brilliantly Engages Audience


Hiring Premier Piano Shows will give you a great opportunity to meet Orlando’s hot young dueling piano couple who play awesome music for any kind of event whether it is a corporate event, cocktail party or wedding reception.

Amy and Randy Keith are lively, chirpy and enthusiastic performers who have a zest for playing music. Unlike DJs and musical bands, who simply play songs without necessarily interacting with the audience, the young duo knows how to engage with the people present at the event in the best way possible.

Their fabulous music and performance will definitely compel your guests to dance to their tunes. If you want a great party, full of music and fun, Premier Piano Show is your best option.


  • Provides Appropriate Entertainment for All Types of Guests


There are some kinds of entertainment that we are hesitant to hire considering that they may turn out to be cheap or vulgar. However, this won’t be the case if you choose Premier Piano Shows.

The young performers will provide you with clean entertainment. Their musical performances are appropriate for all age groups and events, be it a corporate event, wedding, birthday party, or a cocktail party.

They are fully trained and well-experienced and hence, they know what kind of music they should be playing at each event. They also know the correct way to interact with the audience, without being rude or unethical.


  • Well-Trained and Experienced


No one likes to hire performers who are inexperienced. After all, who likes to invest their precious money on someone who can’t make their event better and joyous?

You’ll be glad to know that both Amy and Randy Keith are well-trained and experienced in the field of music. Amy Lyn took music lessons during High School and holds a double BFA degree in both Choral and Music education. She has also been giving music lessons since 2007 to students from age 5-65, helping them to read and play music.  

On the other hand, Randy Keith started taking piano lessons at a very young age and also learned to play other great musical instruments like the autoharp, guitar, harmonica, bass, and drum. He got his dueling piano training in 2001 from Universal Citywalk’s Howl at the Moon Hollywood, and became a full-time performer in 2005.

These are the top three reasons why you should consider hiring Premier Piano Show, and get ready to make your event totally entertaining and memorable!

Reasons to Have Dueling Pianos for any Occasion

There are so many kinds of entertainment that people hire to make their events full of fun and enjoyment. One of them is the greatly pleasurable – dueling pianos.

A sensible question that might pop into your minds would be – why should you consider dueling pianos when there are other great forms of entertainment available. Well, read this post to find out some amazing reasons why dueling pianos is the best event entertainment.

  • Surprise Your Guests with a Phenomenal Performance


Everyone expects great music from a DJ or a singer. So, hiring any of them wouldn’t be such a big surprise to your guest.

However, when it comes to dueling pianos, your guests will be mesmerized to listen to not only some amazing music but some other great entertaining acts. Are you wondering what this is? Well, you might not know but many dueling piano performers, besides playing piano, also perform comedic skits, making your event more enjoyable and entertaining.

Thus, dueling pianos as entertainment for your upcoming event will prove to be quite a unique and amazing experience for all your guests.


  • Connects with the Audience and Allows Participation


How many kinds of entertainment have given you the opportunity to fully engage with the performers and let you participate? Well, none comes to our minds except for dueling pianos!

This is basically the best feature of this form of entertainment as it engages well with the audience. More than that, it also fulfills the guests’ requests by playing out their favorite songs on the spot. This way, the event becomes more fun and exciting.

Audience members and all the guests are encouraged to dance and sing along keeping the fun on the dance floor all evening long. This is the kind of entertainment that everyone should have during wedding receptions and cocktail parties to maintain the essence of fun throughout the occasion.


  • Entertaining for All Kinds of Guests


The music of dueling pianos varies to a great extent. Unlike many singers or musical bands, who play a particular kind of music, the performers of dueling pianos can play all sorts of songs that appeal to all kinds of guests.

Because guests can make song requests according to their likes and dislikes during a dueling piano act, the music can change and vary dramatically. From pop country to rock n roll to classics, the performers can play all songs suitable to every age group present at the event.

Though dueling piano acts are mostly fun for those who love dancing and singing, it keeps those entertained as well who prefer to sit and listen from afar. The commentary and the funny exchange of dialogues between the pianists are quite comedic and playful, keeping everyone fully engrossed.

If you are looking for the best dueling piano performers in Orlando, Florida, or anywhere in Arizona, don’t hesitate to book Premier Piano Shows today!


July 4th and Dueling Pianos throughout July

Independence Day may be on the 4th of July, but we celebrate July 4th every weekend all month long! We celebrate our independence and freedom to bring joy and laughter with music, provided

Premier Piano Shows Orlando features Amy and Randy’s Dueling Pianos!!

by Premier Piano Shows Dueling Pianos.

Dueling Pianos is a concept that started in high tourist areas like New Orleans, Orlando, and Las Vegas. The concept has branched out to be one of the most fun, interactive musical experiences in the country. In Central Florida, Premier Piano Shows provides the leading dueling piano entertainer teams. We bring audiences a great time at Orlando corporate events, weddings, and restaurants/bars.

The Premier Piano Shows in Florida

The Premier Piano Shows Dueling Piano brand is proud to have the talent and flexibility to adapt to all sorts of event scenarios, from family-friendly fundraisers to adult comedy nightclub shows. Amy and Randy Keith, married musical couple that calls Orlando home, brings a unique dynamic to the concept. We also occasionally feature other musical instruments, including but not limited to: flute, violin, harmonica, tambourine, manual beatbox, kazoo and air guitar.

We love coming into a restaurant or corporate event in which the two pianos are littered with song requests before we even start the show. People who have had the dueling piano experience know that they need to come with cash and song ideas to request, in order to have a bit of “control” of the show. We love to “be fair” and give priority to generous requests, yet we will never flat out refuse requests like you may have seen in past dueling piano shows.

Our 2-3 hour shows are a musical experience that ebbs and flows — sometimes there is dancing, and sometimes a lot of birthday or anniversary celebrations. Other times, people are just singing along and drinking while occasionally carrying on their conversations, just as told in Billy Joel’s epic true story, “Piano Man.” Our focus is always on adapting the content and variety of the show to our crowds — from the latest Justin Bieber hit for the millennials, to B-side Beatles tunes for baby boomers, we love playing them all.

Amy, Randy, Jason and more

Many of our restaurant shows feature another member of our team, Jason James. Similar in vocal range and repertoire to the veteran dueler Randy Keith, the two together pull out some serious white boy rap, hence the name “Two White Crew” (or is it “too” white?). They’re not afraid to pull out some Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus too. Randy has other dueling piano partners team up as well, keeping the variety of comedy and repertoire at each show fresh and spontaneous.

Come experience a dueling piano show in Central Florida with the best, the Premier Piano Shows Dueling Pianos… Along with booking various corporate events, fundraisers, retirement communities, and weddings in Orlando and Tampa, we provide dueling piano entertainment at half a dozen restaurants in Orange and Brevard counties.

Check out our July performance dates!…

as we celebrate July 4th all month, or see our full calendar by following us on Facebook and Instagram:


In Orlando:

Friday, July 6th – The Harry Buffalo – Randy Keith and Rob Volpe, 8-11pm


In Rockledge:

Saturday, July 7th – Twisted Birch – Amy and Randy Keith, 8-11pm


In Winter Springs:

Saturday, July 14th – Red Eye Sports Tavern – Amy Keith and Jason James, 8-11pm (SOLD OUT!)


In Palm Bay:

Friday, July 20th – Jack Straws Club – Randy Keith and Tod Kimbro, 8-11pm


In Melbourne Beach:

Friday, July 27th – Jake’s Crab Shack – Randy Keith and John Vastola, 8-11pm


In Oviedo:

Saturday, July 28th – Oviedo Amphitheater and Cultural Center – Amy and Randy Keith – 7-10pm, Tickets Required


Happy 4th and all of July!   

Give a Splendid Tribute to the Troops

It is always an honor to serve your country in whatever small way you can do it. Organizing a dueling piano show for the troops is one of those things.

It brings joy not only to the soldiers who protect us day and night but it gives us happiness in ways we can never comprehend. If you are planning on throwing a tribute to these troops, there is no better way than to bring them closer to their home by arranging a live performance for them and their loved ones!

Let’s have a look at how a dueling piano show will make a great tribute to the troops.


  • Bring a Piece of America to Them


Dueling piano shows are a tradition of the Americans that has been cherished for a long period of time. We can celebrate all our important occasions, any day of the week only because our soldiers stay on the borders to protect us.

With our show, we can give them the fun and excitement they have missed out in all the time they have served. They can make requests for whatever music they want to hear and be a part of the good times!


  • Let Them Reminisce of the Olden Days


Dueling piano performers know the tunes to all the songs, no matter what the era! They can take any old requests from the troops, allowing them the chance to reminisce in the long forgotten past and relive the good old days.


  • Show Them What They Have Missed Out On


The latest hits are always on the list of our dueling piano performers. They can bring the entire 21st century music on one platform for our troops. Whatever they have missed out on, will be available for their entertainment in one event. From Bruno Mars to Ellie Goulding, the performers have all the current hits…at their fingertips!


  • Bring Back the Sweet Memories


An event for the troops gives them a chance to enjoy with their friends and family after a long time of being away from home. The up-beat and dance based songs by the performers will bring back several sweet memories for them. Dueling piano performers create an interactive, high energy and dancing ambience that the troops won’t forget for a long time.  

Our soldiers sacrifice their lives so we can make the best of our lives! They deserve all the best of everything. You can give them the gift of live entertainment by arranging a dueling piano show for them. Premier Piano Shows is the best companion in this quest of yours to bring joy to the men and women without whom we would not be safe. If you’re in in Phoenix, Arizona, contact us and let us be a part of a noble cause.

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Nightclub

Pianos have always been a royal musical instrument. Their sophisticated appeal makes them a one of a kind entertainment for parties.

Dueling piano shows simply add interaction to this elegant performance and you get to choose the songs that are played! That means live entertainment for your audience especially if they have come to you to dance the night away. Dueling pianos can lend an elegant touch to your nightclub that DJs simply can’t pull off.

Let’s have a look at how dueling piano shows can make your nightclub the best on the block!


  • They Let Audiences Choose Their Favorites


Dueling piano performers are like genies from the lamp who could grant just about any of your wishes. They don’t need a prepared playlist for their show. Your guests can request any song that they want to listen to.

The performers use the magic of their fingers and entertain their audience with the music that they love the most. They build an interactive environment where guests can comfortably call out their favorite songs. They can also hand in their requests on a piece of paper if it suits them.


  • They Bring in the Theme of the Night


The dueling piano performers know just about any genre you ask them for. It could be country, rock, jazz or even melody. They can do it all. You get to pick the theme of night. The performers will even dress according to the theme to keep the mood and the pace of the night in check.


  • They Keep the Energy Levels High


You simply won’t have room to breathe during a dueling piano performance. Their constant interaction with the crowd and quick uptake on requests keeps the energy levels sky high. None of your guests would prefer to stay glued to their chairs. Your dance floor will be full. Beware! You might have to make more room by shoving the tables aside!


  • They Can Keep It Going


The best thing about dueling piano performers is that they can go as long as 3 hours straight without a break! Non-stop live performance is all you need to shrug off the week’s exhaustion. The dueling piano performers won’t be sitting idle while you are having your dinner and drinks.

You will be able to enjoy your bar with soothing background music. As soon as you are ready to hit the dance floor, the live music will have you jumping to dancing beats. You won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing even if you wanted to!

Nightclubs are the place to be at on Friday nights. Make them ten times better with dueling piano shows. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona Premier Piano Shows are the best choice for the Friday Night Live Event at your nightclub! We will give your guests an unforgettable experience that will make them keep coming back to you for more. Contact us to avail the top notch live entertainment in town.

Make Your Welcome Orientation Really Welcoming

Every year colleges welcome young and bright students from all over the country. Their orientation is a lifetime memory for them.

What can be better than a live performance to welcome them with to the next four years of their lives! A dueling piano show can be a great way to welcome newcomers to your college.

Let’s have a look at how your welcome orientation can become amazing with a dueling piano show.


  • Make the Students a Part of You


On the very first day that they step on to your campus, you can make these students feel at home.

The interactive performances by the dueling piano performers will encourage the students to participate and really join in the fun. In addition, they will be able to request their favorite songs. It will truly involve them in the orientation. The performers sing along the music they play and allow the audiences to sing along with them as well.

This creates the spirit of inclusion and can be a really good icebreaker for everyone to talk to each other!


  • Let Creativity Reign Free


You can add your own touch of creativity to the dueling piano show by adding cheer leaders, dancing partners and prop performers with them. You can also add speakers to amplify the effect of performance.

Bring in the best artists in the campus to exhibit their work while our performers introduce them to the newcomers and showcase their talent to everyone in attendance. It won’t just be a source of entertainment but it will also show off the abilities of the existing students.


  • Start the Year with a Bang


A dueling piano show makes the orientation an expressive event that can make the journey that’s yet to come quite exciting. The performers can play the role of an emcee and announce faculties of different subjects along with a small description of what the subject holds for their future.

In fact, some of the existing students can even create a live play for introducing the new batch of the students to various departments in the college.   


  • Express What Matters the Most


Some of your senior students can prove their skills with other instruments along with dueling piano performers and add more tunes to the event. Their participation will show the confidence that your college instills in its pupils.

You never know how well your effort can influence someone with goals and aspirations.


  • Give the Students an Unforgettable Orientation


The live performance will make this event the most memorable for everyone in attendance. It will set precedence for years to come so you can exceed your own expectations every year!

Students spend a good 4 years of their adult life in colleges. The beginning of this journey has to be a memorable celebration. Premier Piano Shows can get your year started with a blast! If you have your college campuses in Phoenix, Arizona, contact us and arrange the best welcome orientation for your upcoming batch.