Amy Lyn Keith

Meet the people behind the music

Amy Lyn was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin. She started singing and performing when she was 3 and has since performed as a lead vocalist in over 700 shows. She is a professionally trained vocalist with a background in rock, pop, country, musical theater, and opera:

Her love for playing piano came later in life when she began taking lessons in High School. There are so many possibilities with the piano, and you can create such breath-taking compositions.

Amy began teaching private lessons in 2007 and has since taught students from age 5-65 to read and play music. Amy also holds a double BFA degree in both Choral and General Music Education, and has taught both in and out of the classroom: “I am so lucky to be able to share my love of music and help students understand and develop their own musical skills/talents on a daily basis!”

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