Give a Splendid Tribute to the Troops

It is always an honor to serve your country in whatever small way you can do it. Organizing a dueling piano show for the troops is one of those things.

It brings joy not only to the soldiers who protect us day and night but it gives us happiness in ways we can never comprehend. If you are planning on throwing a tribute to these troops, there is no better way than to bring them closer to their home by arranging a live performance for them and their loved ones!

Let’s have a look at how a dueling piano show will make a great tribute to the troops.


  • Bring a Piece of America to Them


Dueling piano shows are a tradition of the Americans that has been cherished for a long period of time. We can celebrate all our important occasions, any day of the week only because our soldiers stay on the borders to protect us.

With our show, we can give them the fun and excitement they have missed out in all the time they have served. They can make requests for whatever music they want to hear and be a part of the good times!


  • Let Them Reminisce of the Olden Days


Dueling piano performers know the tunes to all the songs, no matter what the era! They can take any old requests from the troops, allowing them the chance to reminisce in the long forgotten past and relive the good old days.


  • Show Them What They Have Missed Out On


The latest hits are always on the list of our dueling piano performers. They can bring the entire 21st century music on one platform for our troops. Whatever they have missed out on, will be available for their entertainment in one event. From Bruno Mars to Ellie Goulding, the performers have all the current hits…at their fingertips!


  • Bring Back the Sweet Memories


An event for the troops gives them a chance to enjoy with their friends and family after a long time of being away from home. The up-beat and dance based songs by the performers will bring back several sweet memories for them. Dueling piano performers create an interactive, high energy and dancing ambience that the troops won’t forget for a long time.  

Our soldiers sacrifice their lives so we can make the best of our lives! They deserve all the best of everything. You can give them the gift of live entertainment by arranging a dueling piano show for them. Premier Piano Shows is the best companion in this quest of yours to bring joy to the men and women without whom we would not be safe. If you’re in in Phoenix, Arizona, contact us and let us be a part of a noble cause.


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