5 Reasons Your Corporate Event Needs Dueling Pianos

Let’s face the facts. Corporate events are dead boring. Business reviews, quarter-end results and product launches, no matter what the purpose of the event, they always end up giving you the worst time of your life. Why? Because they are professional gatherings and you just can’t have anything of your choice there. But wait….you can! Dueling pianos is the type of entertainment that you can introduce to your corporate event and make it fun for all the attendees.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons dueling pianos can make your corporate event just amazing.

1. Employees Can Feel They Are a Significant Part of the Company

The most disappointing part of corporate events is when the employees feel left out while arrangements are being made. One of the foremost reasons for that is the fact that many of the arrangements are not according to the taste of the employees. But since it is an event organized by the company, the employees don’t actually get to choose what they want. A dueling piano show gives them the choice they are looking for. They can request their favorite songs, sing along them and dance to their tunes!

2. The Rigid Ones Get to Chill Out Too

The interactive nature of the dueling pianos shows makes it very entertaining and lively. Many of the senior management people who would generally prefer to stay quiet and strict even at a party would actually find themselves quite relaxed in the company of these performers. These performers conduct live shows night and day. Their ability to crack the toughest of the nuts is quite commendable!

3. The Hassle to Make a List of Songs for the DJ Ends

No business person has the skill to draw up the perfect playlist for any event! That’s a fact that you should confront head on if you want to organize a great corporate event. If you hire a DJ you have to give them a prepared list of songs so they can play those at the event. However, your choice in songs may not be as good as you might think. In dueling pianos no playlist is needed. The performers can play any songs as per the requests of the audience without flaws. They can also give you background music during bar and dinner time!

4. You Can Expect Utmost Professionalism from the Performers

Corporate events have a level of composure that other events don’t. You can count on the dueling piano performers to show utmost professionalism while they are performing at your event. They can guarantee a vibrant environment without breaking the rules of being absolutely courteous with the audiences.

5. You Don’t Have to Worry About Making Announcements

Dueling pianos performers can also carry out announcements in your event. Not many business people are confident enough to stand in front of a microphone in front of thousands of peers. With these performers, you won’t have to worry about that either. They can take care of your announcements for you!

If you are organizing your corporate event anywhere in Orlando, Florida, call Premier Piano Shows to arrange the best dueling pianos performers in town! We will make your event a tremendous success!


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