Celebrate the Opening Night of Your Restaurant with a Bang!

Opening a new restaurant? Don’t know how to make the night a big success? You need a live event to make it a memorable experience for everyone and make sure they keep coming back to you for more! Dueling pianos is just the live event that can make the opening night of your restaurant an unforgettable experience.

Let’s have a look at how dueling pianos can make your opening night a huge success.

1. It Will Create the Ambience You Need

With the first night into business, many restaurants have a hard time creating the ambiance they need for their restaurants. Dueling pianos performers can observe an audience very well as it is an interactive performance. They can easily identify what the crowd is looking for on their first day into the restaurant. They will be able to create a sound and peaceful dining experience that they would want to return to.

In addition, in a calm environment, the guests will also enjoy the services you are giving them. There is nothing good music can’t cure. It will put them in a generous mood and happy mood.

2. It Will Make the Guests Feel Special

With an interactive show like a dueling piano, the guests will find themselves at the center of your attention. Everyone loves to contribute. When they will be asked for requests, your guests will participate enthusiastically. They will remember their time in your restaurant and will certainly want to return here on a regular basis for a great time. A time spent happily is the one everyone wants over and over, at least every weekend!

3. It Will Give You an Idea of What the Guests Enjoy

When you will have a dueling pianos performance at the opening night of your restaurants, you will be able to evaluate the kind of music that the guests have repeatedly ordered during the night. This way, you will be able to determine what the audiences in your area prefer listening to. You can create a regular playlist from the first night to play it every night in your restaurant to keep your guests pleased with it. Of course, a recording won’t be as good as a live performance, but your guests will certainly be able to reminisce in the good memories of the grand event that marked the beginning of your journey together.

4. It Will Grab the Attention of the Masses

An opening night in a restaurant that held a dueling pianos performance is an attention-grabbing idea. You can get it featured in the local newspaper or make a video recording of the event and put it on the internet for everyone to see this monumental occasion. It will publicize your restaurant much more than a conventional advertisement.

If you are prepping up to take Florida and Arizona by storm with your trendy restaurant then don’t forget to call Premier Piano Shows for arranging an amazing dueling pianos show on your opening night. We will make it an unforgettable experience for you and your guests! Visit our website and make sure you open up your business with a bang!


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