Reasons You Need to Hire Premier Piano Shows for Your Next Event

As we all know good entertainment is a major part of any special event to ensure that it is full of fun and enjoyment. Without having entertainment, your event can tend to become boring and dull, and who wants that?

Dueling Pianos in Tucson – Only at the Gaslight Music Hall!

If you are looking for a great way to entertain your guests, we’ll suggest you hire Premier Piano Shows at once. Are you wondering why? Well, read this post to find it out!


  • The Young Couple Brilliantly Engages Audience


Hiring Premier Piano Shows will give you a great opportunity to meet Orlando’s hot young dueling piano couple who play awesome music for any kind of event whether it is a corporate event, cocktail party or wedding reception.

Amy and Randy Keith are lively, chirpy and enthusiastic performers who have a zest for playing music. Unlike DJs and musical bands, who simply play songs without necessarily interacting with the audience, the young duo knows how to engage with the people present at the event in the best way possible.

Their fabulous music and performance will definitely compel your guests to dance to their tunes. If you want a great party, full of music and fun, Premier Piano Show is your best option.


  • Provides Appropriate Entertainment for All Types of Guests


There are some kinds of entertainment that we are hesitant to hire considering that they may turn out to be cheap or vulgar. However, this won’t be the case if you choose Premier Piano Shows.

The young performers will provide you with clean entertainment. Their musical performances are appropriate for all age groups and events, be it a corporate event, wedding, birthday party, or a cocktail party.

They are fully trained and well-experienced and hence, they know what kind of music they should be playing at each event. They also know the correct way to interact with the audience, without being rude or unethical.


  • Well-Trained and Experienced


No one likes to hire performers who are inexperienced. After all, who likes to invest their precious money on someone who can’t make their event better and joyous?

You’ll be glad to know that both Amy and Randy Keith are well-trained and experienced in the field of music. Amy Lyn took music lessons during High School and holds a double BFA degree in both Choral and Music education. She has also been giving music lessons since 2007 to students from age 5-65, helping them to read and play music.  

On the other hand, Randy Keith started taking piano lessons at a very young age and also learned to play other great musical instruments like the autoharp, guitar, harmonica, bass, and drum. He got his dueling piano training in 2001 from Universal Citywalk’s Howl at the Moon Hollywood, and became a full-time performer in 2005.

These are the top three reasons why you should consider hiring Premier Piano Show, and get ready to make your event totally entertaining and memorable!


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