If you want to include your guests in your happiness, there is no better way than to arrange a dueling piano event for your wedding. Imagine your friends and family sitting around round tables on your big day. They endured the hour long toast your brother gave and sat quietly through your vows. What everyone deserves after that is the night of celebration, and never ending fun. Dueling pianos will make your wedding bright and delightful not only for you and the love of your life but also for your friends and family in attendance.

Let’s have a look at how dueling pianos can make your wedding event just amazing.

1. They Can Take Live Requests from the Oldest of Your Aunts

Professionals who have been trained to perform at dueling piano events have enough knowledge and experience to play all kinds of songs. They can meet any request. They can pull out the oldest songs requested by any elderly in your family. You can hear what you want on the spot! There is no need to give them a prepared list of songs they would be playing for you. They are ready with everything only because they are just that good!

2. They Won’t Just Be Playing Piano

A dueling piano event professional won’t just be playing the piano for the night. The whole idea behind the show is to have an interactive performance. They can do the duties of an emcee at your wedding as well. They can announce your entrance in a grand style and each of the guests important to you as per your preference. You won’t need a separate emcee if you are arranging a dueling piano event for your wedding.

3. They Will Make You Laugh

Dueling piano performers have the habit performing in front of live audiences which makes them very jolly. They create a very vibrant environment. They are just as good with their words as they are with their fingers! You and your guests will go home laughing, well- entertained by these professionals. They will make sure of it!

4. They Will Involve You

Taking requests is just one part of the show. You can play some of the instruments they brought. In addition to dancing, you can also sing along the songs they are playing or request a sing-along from the performers. They love it and will make you love it too!

5. You Will Never Forget that Night

Dueling piano shows have the reputation of making the night quite unforgettable. The courteous and professional performers brighten up your event with the sole purpose of giving you an unforgettable experience.

Your wedding day is very special for you. Why not make it special for your friends and family in attendance? Give them a night to remember by arranging a dueling pianos show at your wedding with the experienced performers from Premier Piano Shows. If you live in Orlando, Florida or anywhere in Arizona you can avail our services. Contact us and make your wedding the most memorable night of your life!


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