We all want to have fun, right? No second thoughts here. What if your fun could help someone grow like you? Now, it can! Your fundraisers can be fun and contribute to the society you are living in at the same time! A fundraiser needs motivation for the attendees to make donations as large as possible. If you are an organization already working for a good cause, you can make use of dueling pianos to get more funds. But even if you are an individual or a company looking to make a difference, the dueling piano performers can help you too!

Let’s have a look at how a dueling piano performance can help raise funds during a fundraiser.

1. Add a Number of Dollars to each Request

A dueling piano event involves the performers taking requests from the guests. If you have organized a fundraiser for a good cause, you can create several activities which will keep the night entertaining and help you retain as much funds as possible. You can fix a certain amount for each request. For instance, you can set $10 for each request made by each attendee in the event. That way, throughout the event, if even a 100 songs are requested, you will be able to raise a $1000. If the event is on a bigger scale, you can set the song requests at any price. No one will mind pulling out their wallets for a good cause.

2. Add a Number of Dollars to Each Sing-Along

Dueling pianos performers often sing along the songs they are playing. In fact, the audiences are encouraged to join them. Everyone is thoroughly entertained and enjoys the event in this way. You can set a price on each sing-along just as you did with the song requests.

3. Dedicate a Song for the Cause

Prepare and dedicate a segment of the event to the cause you have arranged the fundraiser for. That particular segment can contain a short video accompanied by the soulful music and lyrics of a song by the dueling pianos performers. The performance will give your audiences a look behind the curtains into the lives of the unfortunate that you are working to make better. It will encourage them to pull out their checkbooks for making a sizeable contribution to your cause.

4. Hold a Competition

You can also encourage your audiences to make monetary compensations by holding competitions among the two piano players. You can set up any competitive terms such as the piano keeps playing as long as the empty jar on top of it keeps filling up with cash! It will be both enthusiastic and entertaining for your audiences.

Dueling pianos events can add a vibrant touch to your fundraisers. You won’t have to worry about audiences feeling bored or let down by the lack of entertainment for supporting your cause. Premier Piano Shows have the best dueling piano performers who can contribute their skills to your fundraiser if you live anywhere in Arizona or Florida. Contact us and make your fundraiser a tremendous success!


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